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If you need the city for area codes and exchanges (NPA+NXX), this is the product for you. It's as simple as possible, with just the area code, exchange, city, and state. We include information on all active exchanges in the United States (over 150,000 exchanges in all). The file is in the universal CSV format (which all databases can import, and is easy to manipulate using custom programs). We update the database about once a week (it was last updated 05 Jul 2013 -- less than 532 days ago), so there is no need to worry that the data is out-of-date. We believe that it is the most accurate database in its price range, as it comes from the same database as the WhereCall.com website. Questions? Just read our FAQ, or .

To test our data, just enter an area code and exchange here (e.g. '212-200'):  

  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Immediate download after ordering
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  • Includes all area code exchanges in the United States
  • Data is compiled from authoritative sources, not third parties
  • Updated several times a month (last updated less than 532 days ago)
  • Highly accurate city data (not just a nearby city)
  • Proper capitalization ('New York', not 'NEW YORK')

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This database contains a lot of fields, for those that want a lot of data. For each area code and exchange, it contains the city and state, along with latitude and longitude. It also includes the company that handles the phone number range, the OCN, ratecenter, use (landline or mobile), and more. We include information on all active exchanges in the United States.

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