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Recently Reported Calls

877-889-2024 reported by Anonymous

I don't answer this number but I get at least three calls a day from it. It doesn't match any numbers I might be expecting to receive and, though I have an answering machine, no message is left. I've...

617-586-8049 reported by Anonymous

She wanted to know how much money I had. - Said she was working in Nigeria, Doing Counseling/

348-975-6987 reported by Anonymous

calls all the time told them not to call again guy still calls

866-614-4404 reported by Anonymous

Have been pestered by scammers and think this was another way for them to try and contact us.

860-929-2572 reported by Anonymous


746-762-6334 reported by Anonymous

Got a call from 876-509-4356 told me to call Bank of America gave me an account and a Pin to press 1 then ask for the status of my account

777-215-4861 reported by Anonymous

He called me first in arabic and told me that he is calling from UAE consulate and asked me few wierd information and threat me on the phone , i saw same number on this site reported already that some...

855-305-6083 reported by Anonymous

Only rings twice and then call is terminated. Over the last few days this 855 number is a repeat caller and quite annoying. I plan to block the number. Any suggestions??

916-290-9294 reported by Anonymous

We have received two calls from them over the past three days. This morning it was as 6:01AM which is totally outrageous. We are blocking this number!

777-215-4861 reported by Anonymous

he promise me with a new job. and then he request some documents to give me this job. He knows my name and my e-mail.

661-748-0240 reported by Anonymous

Calls in the middle of night and no one answers

565-303-0000 reported by Anonymous

Six calls in two hours and no one is there

916-374-6973 reported by Anonymous

dont know if this person is being truthful

334-652-9757 reported by Anonymous

dont know.

806-701-5241 reported by GDK in DFW

Robo Caller - Dustin with Carpet Tile Furniture Cleaning Services 513.334.8036 They have used a rotating series of numbers for the past couple of years, and I have over 2 dozen of their prior numbers...

855-404-0162 reported by Anonymous

what the hell?

402-858-2217 reported by Dave

Did not have this phone when I had the account that he spoke about. This is a government phone where I get minutes added free every month, 125 minutes to be exact. This is a cell phone. I demanded tha...

855-666-9205 reported by Sharon

I answered and no one responded. Call was hung up by the one calling after a few seconds.

208-497-2831 reported by Marion

Heavy breathing, no talking

855-881-5359 reported by Anonymous

This was the second time i got the phone call in a month. Don't know who it is