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Recently Reported Calls

277-316-0000 reported by Anonymous

As soon as I answered the phone they hung up.

877-958-7635 reported by Anonymous

said i owed a bill of 8000.00 from 1998 to verizon they were rude and hung up after i told them never had account with verizon and do what they had to do.

261-717-8736 reported by Anonymous

they call 5 to 6 times a day

661-562-3323 reported by Anonymous

This people is been calling so many time, and when I pick up the phone, they don't say anything. I call back and and line is busy all the time. I'm tire of them. Hope you can do something about it. Th...

669-237-3665 reported by Anonymous

They sometimes call multiple times daily. Have been told we are on the do not call list but persist in calling. Notified the do FAA on this caller.

888-217-9865 reported by Anonymous

can not find any info online for this number

877-889-2024 reported by Anonymous

1-877-889-2024 as far as I have on my list of the number of calls from as early as March 19, I have recorded more than 40 calls, sometimes there are three or more calls a day. KI have reported this nu...

631-482-7485 reported by Billy Guthrie

said they were with the U.S. Treasure Dep. and was going to have the sheriffs ofc. come and pick me up and put me in jail

877-326-1536 reported by Anonymous

person would not identify his company.

254-477-6501 reported by Alvin Community College

This number has called the Continuing Education department here on campus three different times today and hang up as soon as someone in office answers line.

388-863-7786 reported by Anonymous

When we answered the call, COMPLETE SILENCE. We immediately hung up, and looked up the area code. Argentina.

405-759-6611 reported by paula turnbow

She keeps calling me using different names and won't tell me were she is from on my voice mail so I haven't responded back to her at all. Please contact me at removed for your privacy thanks!!!

322-163-8716 reported by Anonymous

Phoned 7:13 am. Sat. April 11/15

724-388-3582 reported by Anonymous

called 2x. no message

340-607-9669 reported by Anonymous

What do you want

333-825-0872 reported by Anonymous

Said that my computer was running slow and asks my email address and bank account number

915-261-0622 reported by Anonymous

In the past week I have received 9 calls from this number, 915-261-0622, on my personal cell phone. No message is ever left --- BIG annoyance!

360-633-9501 reported by FM

Calls every day or so. After 2 weeks of calls with mo message left i blocked it.

860-929-2572 reported by Anonymous

call came on my cell phone - no one there.

360-385-2000 reported by Anonymous

The Area Code is non-existent--the caller only rang twice and then hung up.