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790-790-0093 reported by Anonymous

Told me my computer was causing problems with microsoft users.

315-497-7852 reported by anonymous

this seems to be a landline in Moravia, NY? Google subscriber comes up on owner's voice mail; owner of this number claims to be in a foreign country; contacted me through a dating site and has asked f...

845-277-0281 reported by ronald

the were very perverted on the phone

855-607-2359 reported by valerie kelly

He calls about a bill that you never owed and says that if it is not paid by tomorrow he will send the sheriff out to detain you.

960-586-9814 reported by Yacoub, Nasir

This is not the first time.

207-447-9525 reported by Anonymous

scam call. some bs about I left a note on his car because I hit it. sounds like a out of state young black male.

391-109-2014 reported by Anonymous

good morning

952-885-3028 reported by Terry Smith

I've been called from this number many times, No information is ever left, no voice mail and no name.

202-754-8413 reported by Anonymous

Total scam. Presenting themselves as the US Treasury

442-229-3644 reported by MArta

samething happened to me just now 2:00pm. phone didn't ring, the VM just showed up saying it was IRS trying to reach me before they file a lawsuit against me. I think its FRAUD