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330-888-1096 reported by Anonymous

Called at 6am and woke me up- not appreciated

330-473-0237 reported by Anonymous

The number tried to FaceTime me at 11:40 a.m. Nov. 25, 2015. A little annoying, especially while I am at work.

855-829-1163 reported by Anonymous

Caller said his name is James Ericson and he is calling to serve me papers. I am to call this number or he will come to my home or work to serve me papers. He also has the last four digits of my socia...

639-474-1238 reported by Anonymous

My phone alerted me of a call from this number which the full number is 639474123803..very odd..

585-444-3667 reported by Anonymous

Tried to return call, got answering machine message that all operators were busy, no business name mentioned, Spokeo says it's a telemarketer.

508-258-5225 reported by Anonymous

I am paying for this number since 2007 Verizon gave it to me. Never deleted. I never was bundled. charged for about 8 phone numbers. Verizon reports I have made sex calls. Now loosing home due to Veri...

862-781-2154 reported by Jimmy Santangelo

i dont know if it was a scam asked for bank imformation

408-290-6942 reported by Anonymous

Dont' pick up and report it!

202-779-4885 reported by Bill

claim to be irs suing me

801-335-7451 reported by anon

Indian scammers selling computer service. Heavy accents, cannot understand.