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671-955-6929 reported by Bijaya Kumar Singh

A wrong call

811-943-4626 reported by Anonymous

scam call.

519-400-5430 reported by Anonymous

Spam call - pay as you customers beware! It is a call to just use up your minutes. I suspect underhanded tactics by Rogers.

739-274-8529 reported by Anonymous

I believe this was likely a spam call about a MS Windows "issue" and he was a "contractor company" for my ISP, which he didn't seem to know, even though there are only a about 3 options in my city, bu...

213-213-5992 reported by Anonymous

someone calling my cell and hanging up

619-377-0231 reported by Anonymous

they keep calling.dont know this number

844-337-8111 reported by Anonymous

CRA recorded message advising me of a law suit and an arrest warrant. Seemed like crap so I didn't call the number they gave me. 877-337-8111

737-777-2648 reported by anon

this number may very well belong to a legitimate subscriber, but hijacked by the scammers. caller ID displayed 737-777-2648 at 7:54 am, 23 oct 2015. I was a bit slow to pick up, and there was no one...

844-337-8111 reported by Anonymous

Call came in, left message on machine that a warrant was out formy arrest for taxes, I called number back and he said he was from the CRA, and I had been edited on taxes, said agents tried to delive...

562-147-7577 reported by SherrieM

Don't believe 147 is valid prefix, so didn't answer and no message left.