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Recently Reported Calls

565-454-3434 reported by Anonymous

called me 10:26am then called me4:24pm i didnt answer the calls.

990-660-5250 reported by Anonymous

got a call from someone saying they were the IRS fraud dept. checked the area code and it is invalid

738-424-2227 reported by Anonymous

Says they are the IRS and they are filing a court case against you.

833-683-9799 reported by Anonymous

This was a Pakistani or Indian accent...she said she was from windows and that my computer was being accessed remotely and she wanted to help me.I said I don't own a computer and she hung up...don't f...

779-218-0977 reported by Anonymous

Source was supposedly from person in online dating site. Not sure about accent but sounds like African. Also called from 813-922-0164 Florida

515-218-2325 reported by anonymous

they called and said that i have 2 fraud charges against my of to what i have no clue they will not tell you ,all they give u is a case . then they say u have to call there legal office ,o...

833-685-5896 reported by Anonymous

Called stating that they were Windows trying to get me to log into my computer. Cussed me out and said that he was a hacker when I said no.

961-776-9566 reported by Anonymous

Keep receiving calls from this phone on my cell and home land line.. Is foreign speaking asking for someone repeated calls.

665-297-6896 reported by Anonymous

Could not understand him.

597-267-0943 reported by Anonymous

this call came into my home at 11:00 at night saying something about windows? i dont know but i asked them why the y were calling so late and they hung up