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Recently Reported Calls

844-769-6775 reported by Anonymous

Seeking personal information about health insurance.

509-320-4239 reported by Anonymous

This person badge 601113 called saying the IRS is filing a law suit on us because we owe them money. When I started asking questions knowing I do not owe anything they hung up on me. They said I could...

509-320-4239 reported by Anonymous

IRS told me the were trying to contact me. The were filing a lawsuit.

391-764-9389 reported by Anonymous

nothing to report - no contact made

509-320-4239 reported by Anonymous

when will The F B I . or the C I A . get a hold of these nuts

509-320-4239 reported by COX


245-781-4722 reported by Ang

So far have rec'd 2 calls from this number. I did not pick up and no message was left.

490-913-4257 reported by Anonymous

Not sure who it is. They did not leave a message.

203-630-0318 reported by Deana Hoey

they ring you up and then hang up so you ring them back to talk to them. they tell you they are based in the UK but i googled the number and they are in the USA.

509-320-4239 reported by GAIL

Message left on my phone was that this was the IRS final try to get a wholed of me before filing a law suite against me. Thats a joke because I have nothing! When I called back I got a recording sayi...

245-781-4722 reported by LK in Texas

Just received a call from this number and a man with an Indian accent said they were calling from the computer company. I told them that I have asked them to take me off their call list and if they co...

509-320-4239 reported by Anonymous

Don't think IRS would be calling in the first place from Washington State. Think this is a spam call and should be checked into.

245-781-4722 reported by Anonymous

I have been getting this anonymous call at least 3 times this morning and several times yesterday. Area code 245 is not a listed area code in the U.S. After checking, looks like it is a call from Wes...

813-355-8694 reported by Anonymous

answered Craigslist add wants to pay by Company check and have some one else pick up the item. I received more messages by others like this one so I know it's spam....these checks usually don't clea...

733-285-9649 reported by Anonymous

Said he was a manager vericating that my PC is working correctly. I have NO Such service on my computer. Threaten me to shut down my computer or he would charge my Credit cd $295.00. I hung up and did...

661-748-0240 reported by Anonymous

Call from this number hangs up after one ring. Called back and says that call cannot be completed because you're trying to reach a Skype user.

857-555-0168 reported by Anonymous

Caller said "mom" in a distressed sounding voice and hung up.

509-588-7383 reported by G Smith

Claiming to be from the IRS. Who ever was on the other end of the phone call spoke with foreign accents. They could hardly speak English.

623-336-0000 reported by Anonymous

Told me my computer is hacked My computer is broken and doesn't work and when i told him that it didn't work he told me it did. When I went along with it and he caught on, he told me to fuck off.

245-878-5524 reported by Anonymous

Keeps calling