About Us We’re Different

WhereCall is the premiere free reverse phone lookup service that has been built by it’s users for it’s users. With thousands of daily user contributions, we are compiling the largest free public directory of phone numbers with better information that is more accurate than the rest. We are aware that there are a lot of sites out there that let you do phone number lookups, so what makes us different?


We keep our information up-to-date. Looking for an area code or exchange that isn't even in use yet? We'll let you know where it will be used. We believe we have information that no other lookup sites have. You can see how full an area code is (what percentage of the possible exchanges are used), how far away a phone number is from you, and when it is expected that the area code will be exhausted.

Complete Data

We don't simply purchase a database, and pay someone to put the database and ads online. We create our own database, based on information from a number of different sources. Our North American database is combined from 6 different databases, including the authoritative source. Other sites don't know about something called 'thousands blocks.' We do. If you look up a phone number there, you may get the wrong telephone company. Here, you'll get the right one.

Fast and Feature Rich

Our ”Instant Lookup“ is another feature we believe is available nowhere else. For North American phone numbers, you just start typing in a phone number, and see where it is located. No need to wait for another webpage to load.

Get in Touch

Want to get in touch to report an issue or discuss business? Feel free to shoot us an email at help@lafinnovative.com and we’ll be sure to get back to you quickly.