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How To Recover A Stolen Phone FAST

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To paraphrase a famous quotation, we can say with a full confidence: a mobile phone is not a luxury, but a means of communication. And in a modern world also a means to listen to music, view photos and videos, read books, communicate via the Internet, and so on and so forth. But many individuals do not consider mobile phones as useful devices, but rather as a means of personal enrichment. It is clear that we are talking about those who steal mobile phones. We won't go into the statistics to indicate the exact number of phones stolen per month in only one city in our country but even without statistics it is known that this quantity is huge, but it does not bother us until we find ourselves part of the equation.

So, someone stole your phone, it is very unfortunate and a lot of things became a huge inconvenience at minimum. It can be your photo album with all of your memories, a contact list of your network, your precious notes and reminders, etc. - everyone has their own value attached to their phone and hopefully a full backup of your phone data. The main thing is that the phone was stolen. And now there's only one question: how to locate a stolen phone and is it realistic to do it?

Frankly put, it is possible to recover a stolen phone but in many cases it’s very difficult, and only with the help of police, who, incidentally, are not too eager to search for stolen mobile phones. The reason is simple: there are a lot of phones, and it takes even more time to find them. Although it all depends on the cost of the stolen device. No, in this case we are not talking about direct benefits for the police. It’s just sometimes easier to buy a new device than to look for the old one. But this article discusses the possibility of tracing a stolen phone, and not the desire to find it.

How To Find Your Phone AKA Stolen Phone Checklist

Find My iPhone or Find My Device(Android)

Depending on your phone model of course but that would be the first step that most people check to try to locate the most recent signal of your phone. You can also, and you should, remotely lock your phone to prevent anyone accessing any of your information. It is advisable to contact you local law enforcement if you believe your device has been stolen and do not attempt to retrieve it yourself.

Check Your Cellphone Records Online

Many people are not aware of this but with most carriers - you have online access to your call history, phone usage and other cellphone records. Depending on the carrier, simply navigate to their website, log in with your credentials and locate your phone's records. If you see phone calls that are still being made from unknown phone numbers, run them through Spokeo's database, a lot of times with just a phone number, you'll be able to discover the person's name, most recent address, social media profiles, etc., which is a very helpful information if you use it right. Again, it is not advisable to confront the thieves yourself - contact your local police department instead.

Make A Stolen Phone Police Report

If you believe that your phone was stolen, immediately report it to your local police department via non-emergency line or in-person. Police report may ask for the device make and model, serial and/or IMEI or MEID or ESN number, which is usually located on the back of the cellphone box, or you can check your online cellphone records for the information as well. Most cellphone carriers will request a police report as proof that the phone was stolen and will be used for documentation.

Report Your Phone Stolen To Your Phone Carrier

Most mobile phone carriers and providers usually have a direct line to report your device lost or stolen. Making a such report to your carrier will blacklist the device on the provider's network preventing the phone thieves from using the device. Your provider may also able to disable your device and block access to the information by using your IMEI or MEID or ESN number.

Use A GPS Tracker To Locate Your Stolen Phone

Another option is to calculate the location of the caller using GPS positioning, but cellular carriers provide this information usually only to police officers and some private investigators. Taking this route will only provide the location closest to the nearest cellphone tower with a maximum accuracy of about 300-500 feet.

So the next best option is an anti-theft software-enabled GPS locator or tracker, which seems like is being offered by several places online with some success stories, but please do your own research here. This option also comes with a pricey tag but only you can decide how much your phone or your phone’s data worth to you.

We hope you recover your property successfully!

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